The Fire Next Time

Colorado is burning, again. That’s not news. Maybe I should switch to posting about when Colorado is not burning. That would be news since in the last month there’s never been more than two or three days when there wasn’t a fire somewhere.

Three more fires in the southern part of the state this morning, hundreds of acres so far. One is called the Boy Scout Camp Fire, because that’s close to where it started. Do you still really want to argue about Global Warming? Even Exxon has put that horse out to pasture. I think what most people don’t get is the effect of global warming. If the planet is two degrees warmer, so what? Every place is two degrees, on average, warmer than before, which is hardly enough to notice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. What it means is, ultimately, there will be a two degree change in the surface temperature of the ocean. El Nino changes, and La Nina changes. That changes weather patterns all over the planet. It melts the polar icecaps, floods the Midwest and Northeast and Mississippi Valley and makes them colder, and Texas, the Southwest, and the West, i.e., Colorado, get hotter and drier. Colorado catches on fire while Ohio drowns.

Remember the tornadoes from a couple of weeks ago that destroyed a significant part of Moore, Oklahoma, and other places.? Those, like Hurricane Katrina that took out New Orleans, and Sandy, that beat on New York not long ago, came from the African desert. It is hotter there, the air gets heated, and crosses the Atlantic where it wreaks havoc on North America. Don’t blame Moammar Ghadafi. He’s dead. Blame greenhouse gases.

We need to make an editorial revision to the Bible. The Bible says God said next time he will not destroy the world by flood, he will destroy it by fire. Get this to the revision committee. It’s both. Maybe James Baldwin, were he still alive, would want to change the title of his book. The Fire and the Flood Next Time. Get out your GPS, and pick your poison.