ADHD, ADD and the mind of the writer

I have ADHD, or ADD. I won’t go into the specific differences right now because it’s not important. I have had it my entire life, and it is real, and those who deny it are ignorant. My ex-wife didn’t have it. In fact, she was the opposite. Organized, focus, driven. My son and I both have ADHD, my ex and my daughter do not. At the heart of attention deficit disorders is a problem with what is called “executive function.” The part of the brain that helps to regulate motivation, self-direction, organization, and other things does not function as well as it should. ADD/ADHD does not mean you are bouncing off walls and running around. It means your brain does not properly control focus. Sometimes I avoid doing things because I know if I start, I won’t stop–for hours. I can sit and work on something without leaving my chair for three, four, five hours. I’ve gone as long as seven. And yes, I’m hungry and my bladder is so full I can barely walk, but I will just sit there focused. Hyper-focused. That can be a gift sometimes, other times it sucks. Most of the time it sucks. It makes life hard to manage. It undermines relationships, careers, happiness. In future posts I will talk more about the problem. One of my doctors, the one who diagnosed me at the age of sixty, refused to call it a problem, or even a condition. He called it a “difference.” It’s that, too, but it’s a difference carries a sack full of challenges.