Why Trump is impressed by Kim Jong-Un, and why Purina better watch their back.

Notwithstanding the U.S.A. and DPRK, aka North Korea, are hovering terrifyingly close to full-out war, because an ill-informed, childish, petulant, thin-skinned, tyrant with a bad haircut, aka (readers choice) Thing 1, Trump or Thing 2, Kim Jong Un, is engaging in nuclear saber rattling, Thing 1 repeatedly finds ways to express admiration–not that begrudgingly–for Thing 2. He calls him a “strong dude” with whom he would be “honored to meet.” For any other president, this statement would not be inexplicable because it would never happen, has never happened in the 60+ years since Kim Sung-Il, Kim Jon-Un’s grandfather, came to power. The thought of a face-to-face meeting with a DPRK leader threatening a nuclear attack on the U.S. is beyond ludicrous. It’s insane. Still, other than the fact that nothing 45 does makes any particular sense, why would he even mention sitting down with, and legitimizing, a brutal dictator and international terrorist of the first order? I believe I have pieced together the reason.

First, I believe 45 is desperately envious of Kim Jong-Un’s ability to eliminate adversaries, enemies, or even a once-favorite uncle by feeding him to the dogs. Second, 45’s bottomless contempt for the “lyin’ media,” whom he calls “an enemy of the people,” is one of his banner proclamations. Put these together and you have the reason 45 wants to meet with despicable Crazy Child, Kim Jong-Un. Donald wants Kim to tell him the secret of how he gets away with killing anyone who upsets him. When 45 figures that out, he will then feed the Lyin’ Media,┬ástarting with the Failing New York Times, to the all the dogs in America, thereby killing two birds with one stone. He gets rid of an “enemy of America,” and simultaneously solves the dog hunger problem.

The Bannon/Trump agenda has taken dead aim at the safety net that provides human beings below the poverty line with a minimal level of nutrition. This, of course, will eventually provoke an outcry among those who care about such things. but it can be offset with opulent praise from owners owners of sated dogs.

My only advice is to Purina, makers of the famous Dog Chow. Watch your back. Mr. Trump is about to put you out of business.