When the clan assembles

My clan assembles a few times a year in different places, and I always try to make Bouchercon and maybe Left Coast Crime. At some point, either before or during the conference, I always wonder why I’m there, although this time I wondered if would ever get there. My plane sat in Denver for three hours, but it was not so bad because when I finally got in. S.J. Rozan was there waiting.

By the end, I always know why I’m there. Old friends, new friends, new books to read by old friends, or new ones like Julia Dahl and Karin Salvalaggio.

This is Karin with BONE DUST WHITE. It is a ridiculously amazing first novel. Or second or fifth or tenth.

Bone Dust White Karin.

Bone Dust White Karin.

Marcia Clark thought something was really funny. Or she just swallowed a stuffed jalapeño. Or both, which would really have been funny.

Long Beach had nice sunrises although it seemed to me they were in the west. I may have lost my sense of direction in the bar.

This was a really good panel. It had C.J. Box, Kate White, David Morrell and Mark Billingham. I have no idea what it was about, but it was really funny.

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