Hopeton Hay, KAZI, Austin, review of One Minute Gone

Nice review from Hopeton Hay, KAZI

Posted on January 8, 2014

If you think you’d like a wisecracking hero desperately trying to keep a villain from ruining his life in New York City, you should check out David Hansard’s debut novel One Minute Gone. His hero, Porter Hall, keeps his sense of humor through a series of threats to his children and his life that rival Candide. Among the elements of the novel that hooked me include a sexy reporter that’s taken a professional and personal interest in him, his antagonistic relationship with New York cops, and his adorable twins he’s raising as a single parent.


Hopeton will be interviewing me for his radio show on KAZI, Austin, this weekend. I’ll let you know when it’s going to run. It will also be available as a podcast. In addition to Amazon, Book People in Austin will soon be stocking ONE MINUTE GONE. Drop by and say hello to Scott Montgomery, manager of Mystery People, the crime fiction section on the first floor of Book People.



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