I fought in the old Revolution; Cheers, Alex Sokoloff

The Sixties. Remember them? Changing the world, making things better for everyone. I may be one of the few, hell, I may be the only person on the planet who thinks that revolution worked. But it did. Look where we are today compared to where we were in, oh, say, 1969. In 1969, Richard M. Nixon lived in the White House. Today, Barack Obama does. Then in 1972, we got Watergate. Remember that? Lyndon Johnson had gotten The Civil Rights Act passed, but that was not a silver bullet. We’re a long way from perfect, but we’re a lot closer than we were to fair and equitable. It’s called progress.

Now there is a new revolution. There are probably a bunch, but this is the main one I’m interested in. It’s called Indie Publishing. After having had an agent for years, and after trying for years to get my book, One MInute Gone, published, after years of frustration and humiliation, I have finally decided to epublish it myself. It will be on Amazon, soon, and it will be available as both an ebook and in trade paperback form. I was at a conference in March called Left Coast Crime and was on a panel called The Future of Publishing. There were a number of people at the conference, LJ Sellers and Alexandra Sokoloff, among others, who were traditionally published and switched to ebook self-publishing. What became obvious was that indie publishing is now a viable option for anyone. Anyone. Not only are those who have switched satisfied, many of them are close to ecstatic. Not only are they making more money and selling more books, they are enjoying the process more because they control it. It’s more work, admittedly, because they are doing the promotion and other things themselves. In essence, they own their own small business and their product is them.

So this is my new revolution, and Alex Sokoloff is a shining, blogging angel of light showing the pathway to others. Not just her, there are many, but she was the one whose cloak I grabbed and hung onto. This new revolution is like the old. There is purpose and there are comrades and we are taking our fight to the internet (last time it was the streets), and we are sticking it to the man, aka the Big Six. No, that was last month. The Big Five. Or the Big Four. Whatever, you know who you are. Something is happening, and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones? We may have our own new anthems, or we may just reuse some of the ones from the Sixties. Those were damn good anthems, maybe the best ever.

The Old Revolution is not over, but we are winning. Sure, there is the occasional backfire of bigotry and intolerance, but that only serves to remind us what we were fighting for, what we still fight for, who we are fighting for. We will win this one, too. It will take time, but we will win. Why? Because We are the People. Of course, we will win. That’s what the script says. We will win, because it is written.

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